Debunking The Riddle Of The Lead Source

Why is it that organizations struggle to understand where leads are coming from? What sources drive the most revenue for your business? Why is this field such a nightmare for marketing operations? One of the most painstaking tasks for a marketing team, particularly one on Salesforce and/or a marketing automation platform, is to define a static set of lead sources that represent all of the many customer engagement channels.Read more

Brandcast Gives Design Back To Designers

At Barnett Group, we work with businesses of all sizes to help them overcome hurdles in technology so they can focus and execute a winning strategy. Far too often technology designed to help ends up causing massive roadblocks, particularly for marketers. There’s a disconnect between developers of cool apps and marketers that simply need to educate their audience.Read more

4 Great Ways To Optimize Marketing and Sales Alignment

Smart businesses today depend on the delivery of a cohesive customer experience that seamlessly blends Marketing and Sales organizations to close a deal and grow a relationship. The two teams are so tightly intertwined and dependent on one another that logically, one would think the partnership would be absolute bliss. But so often that is not the case.Read more

3 Easy Steps To Integrate HubSpot and Salesforce

Most modern marketers focus considerable attention on things like content strategy, SEO, and other inbound tactics. They create and design content, write blogs to engage their personas, and hope everyday yields a few good leads from a web form or chat plugin.Read more

Building Diversity & Inclusion In Academia

In a flattening world with compressed populations, organizations from corporations to colleges and universities strive to attract individuals from around the globe. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t, its success depending on the culture surrounding it.Read more

Distractions, Ignorance and Other Signs of the Times

Somehow, we recently chose a new leader to navigate us through some very stormy waters. He will have many issues to juggle simultaneously; domestic and global affairs, security, the Supreme Court (oy), and a very active Twitter account, where he can display his preference for 140 characters over entire security briefings.Read more

A diplomat is one who can tell you to GO TO HELL in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip. -- Caskie Stinnett

Ah, the power of words. Whomever Caskie Stinnett is, he really nailed the saying in the title of this article. We're all in the business of words. Words have the power to make history, and they can certainly alter the way we relate to marketing. Read more


If you grew up in the 80s like me, thinking back on your childhood is like a walk through Nintendo's Hame of Fame. From beloved plumbers to skyscraper-climbing gorillas, Nintendo has been synonymous with video games since the industry went mainstream in the early/mid 80s. For decades, Nintendo was the pink elephant in the video-gaming room. Read more


I think we can all agree on the familiar cliche that life is a journey. In our work, marketing is a journey, too, correct? And, when you think about it, both life and marketing involve a sizeable degree of branding. And some anxiety along the way. Please indulge me as I explain my way out of this mess.Read more